The Truth about Northen France

This morning, I stumbled on a very entertaining blog article written by a Parisian, who complained about all the stereotypes she keeps hearing about Parisians.  How they were snobs, grumpy, and always in a hurry.

It made me smile, because when I first started working between Montreal and Lille, I ran into a similar reaction from a variety of friends.  ”Lille is such a gloomy, dark city.  Everything is grey and dark red and depressing”.  ”It always rains there, your winters will be long”.  ”You speak of Lille with so much enthusiasm- It’s just… Lille…!”

Truth be told, I have now been able to really explore and see the city for myself, and although some of these things may hold some truth, there is a completely different side of the city I wish more people knew about.   In the last few months, I’ve been trying really hard to share just how amazing, lively, friendly and full of surprises Northen France really turns out to be.

As an official ode to this beautiful city, I want to share with you Lille by the Crépuscule (and by Evening).  A romantic little vision of a city who is bustling with colours and action in the daytime, and quiet and warm by evening.



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