Elizabeth’s Moment of Quiet

How Elizabeth manages the flow of people coming in and out of the British Tea Shop is beyond me.  How they manage to create that perfect British Living Room atmosphere also mesmerizes me.



Seen from outside, you might think it is yet another pastry shop.  Step in the main entrance and your eyes instantly pick up on the original tea menu delicately write on the walls.





Walk down the stairs- and enter the magic.  The lower floor is, in my opinion, the most charming floor.  Better than the upstairs one.  It is like a cave, but like a cozy cave.  I think it is because of the warm orange-hues coming from the lights.  In the background, some hippy Beatles music or other British Bands.  And around you, a quiet buzz of conversations.



It feels amazing because although the place is always full, it never feels crammed or overly crowded.  And wether you are there for a quiet time or a social time, the place is just perfect.  My one tip: this place is full of regulars.  Use this to your advantage : while the cue may be a little long at peak hours, I use that time to chat with the others in line and often, they provide great inspiration for some unusual tea and cake combination.  People are always friendly and the ambiance is always great.  Over time, it has become my official HQ when I am in Lille, and need some downtime, want to catch up with some friends or feel up for a creative endeavour.





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