Dancing in the Street: A Special Kind of Memory

”  We should pick a spot in the shade because see the buildings on this side of the square, they’re in the shade.  Too much contrast otherwise.”  ”Wait, did that guy just stop his car to watch? ”  ”It’s the camelback move!  Try it!!”  This particular video was so much fun to make that I’m sure you’ll be able to tell.

Now, the Rationnel: How many times do you unpack your suitcase only to find objects of all sorts that really did look adorable in that local market, but that you already know as you place it on the fireplace will only collect the dust?  We had decided that instead of packing our suitcases with random souvenirs of France, we would do something a little different.  We would pay a special hommage through a little routine.  We would discover, and remember the city of Lille to the beat of Nina Simone.  Backgrounds ever-changing, dance ever ongoing.

Let’s get to it!




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